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  • Pointer - Autumn/Winter 2013

    Pointer W13 Pointer W13

    For the AW13 campaign we wanted to explore light, shadow, reflections and all the spaces in-between.
    The campaign involved two processes: Models were initially photographed against blank, white studio backgrounds.
    Once printed, these two-dimensional, "flat" photos were then re-shot in the studio, using lighting and sheets of coloured perspex to physically "build" the images up and out, to create an added sense of dimension and perspective.
    The resulting images often feel quite abstract – a playful mix of the accidental and the intentional.

    Pointer W13 Pointer W13
    Pointer W13 Pointer W13
    Pointer W13 Pointer W13
  • Nuevas New Balance y Adidas Septiembre 2012

    Aquí os dejamos algunas imágenes de los últimos modelos de zapatillas que acaban de llegar a Wasabi.

    Nuevos modelos de New Balance, Adidas y Pointer.


    IMG_9334 copia IMG_9322 copia IMG_9313 copia IMG_9303 copia IMG_9297 copia IMG_9286 copia IMG_9275 copia IMG_9273 copia IMG_9268 copia IMG_9260 copia

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